Whether you just want to take advantage of a great deal on both sets of our exclusive Solfeggio Energy and Body Tuners, or are looking for the best deals available as your start your sound healing journey, we have a discount combo pack designed just for you. These deals can change at any time!


Retail Pricing based on the following:






* Practitioner Pack includes:






Practitioner Kit add ons:

Additional Notes:






  • Save between 21% – 31%
  • Packs above $600 include a Tote Bag
  • If there is an item in a pack that you do not want, it is sometimes cheaper to purchase a lesser kit and then add the additional items you do want individually.
  • This is the most economical way to purchase Body Tuners as they average an additional $222 in these kits vs. $399 retail.
  • No bulk purchases allowed
  • Combo Kits not eligible for discount program