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3 Layer Black & Golden Geometric Mask / Fabric Face Covering, with Filter

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Cover up with custom designed fabric face coverings, keep others safe, stay protected yourself, all while keeping it stylish!

      While we don’t have a choice to change our lifestyles to suit the world, we do get to choose the stylish mask that we wear!

      Cover up with custom designed face coverings, keep others safe, stay protected yourself, all while keeping it stylish!

      Fabric Face Covering Features:

      • Made with 2 fabric layers and 1 filter layer with filter (3 layers) with 100% cotton in 20 unique fabric colours/patterns. 8 exclusively designed by Maverick CreatriX.

      • Our face covering is a custom designed pattern made for fit and function, with no cut seams where we breathe.

      • Available in 1 child (small 5″ h x 8″ wide) and 2 adult sizes (Average-fits most/6″ h x 10″ wide , XL/7.5″ h x 11″ wide) to suit a variety of face shapes. (See measurement/size image)

      • Internal pocket to accommodate a replaceable filter of your choice (pre-loaded with 1 x PM2.5 Filter UV Sterilized)

      • Available with or without an additional 2 pack of PM2.5 Filters. (not sold separately)

      • Aluminium or 18 awg Copper (per availability) adjustable nose piece and soft t-shirt yarn head ties or ear ties that will vary in colour from white to grey or black. (adjustable per preference with instructions)

      • Fabric is prewashed in hot water and dried in dryer on high heat so it is also preshrunk.

      • No sewing pins were used during creation, only sewing clips to reduce holes in fabric.

      • Masks are steam iron pressed throughout the creation process along with regular hand, equipment and tool sanitation in a breezy room dedicated to sewing.

      • Made in a dedicated, clean and breezy studio in a Pet free and Non-Smoking household!

      • Fully washable and reusable using various sanitation methods, including laundering, oven sanitation and leaving untouched in a no traffic area of the house for 7 days at room temperature. (Extra resealable/reusable bag included) Complete instructions are included and can be downloaded.

      • Each mask is lint brushed, then sterilized for 30 min per side (front and back, total of 60 min) under a 13 watt UV sterilization light in a small home sterilization unit. Immediately after sterilization the mask is loaded with a sterilzed PM 2.5 filter and packaged into a sterile resealable/reusable poly cellophane bag; which is placed directly into the shipping packaging.

      • Upon arrival to you, your mask is READY TO USE. ***Important! Wash your hands before and after touching the mask … always!***

      Handmade in Acme, Alberta, Canada. Ready to ship in 1-3 days in Canada via Canada Post.

      We’re all trying to go the extra mile right now to stay safe and sanitary in the face of the global pandemic. Part of that is covering our faces in public.

      Our high thread count 100% cotton face coverings fit snugly on your face with no cut seams where you breathe. They feature an aluminum or copper (depending on availability) nose piece to ensure a tight fit, and soft fabric t-shirt yarn for head ties that can either be head ties or ear loops (depending on your preference) as well, they can be adjusted to fit your head shape/size. They have an internal filter pocket, preloaded with a PM2.5 filter, that acts as the third layer of fabric while also allowing you remove and replace the filter material suited to your needs.

      Smile! Because many of us are actually smiling under our face-covering! Custom designed cotton face-coverings give you extra peace of mind in style!

      P.S. I can literally glue on a smile for you for an additional $5.00/mask! 🙂

      … … also, I can add Studs, Spikes, Sequins and other bling.. ask me about fancy masks!

      DOWNLOAD full mask instructions MaskInfo2020.pdf


      We make NO medical claims or otherwise for this face covering product.

      The face covering/mask is not a replacement for medical grade protective equipment (PPE). If you need that type of equipment please consult a healthcare supply professional.

      Using this face covering/mask does not replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19. Please continue to follow CDC and local health expert guidelines, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and refrain from touching your face.

      Please read our full warnings and disclaimers below.


      Weight 0.023 lbs
      Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1.5 in

      Adult Average, Adult X-Large, Child Small


      No Extra Filters, With pack of 2 extra filters


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