Get a tune up in 14 minutes with high fidelity recordings of the solfeggio tuning forks and the weighted OM tuner. Each tuning fork was allowed to ring out .. however, even though there appears to be silence there is still a very quiet frequency playing before the next fork is sounded… and due to their different vibratory degradation period they are different lengths of sound..

The tuning begins with the grounding OM hum, then 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz, 852hz then “Holy Harmony” all forks together 3x, OM hum again, “Holy Harmony” 3x, then back down through the frequencies … 852hz, 741hz, 639hz, 528hz, 417hz, 396hz ending in OM…

You’ll notice an oscillation or a rapid panning happening from ear to ear… this has been set to 7.83hz, the schumman resonance. Volume should be a medium to start…

The tuning can be just listened to.. or can be used to meditate with. The track is set up as a chakra balancing or chakra tune up sequencing… so the tones can be used to focus energy on each chakra as in our chakra balancing tracks.

This is powerful stuff… however, can be very subtly affecting you at a cellular level unbeknownst to you! Just know, that if you feel emotional… or if you feel “musical frission” all over shivers… or if you twitch…. maybe nothing at all happens… it’s all good! Allow it to flow out! It’s all working though you in a perfect way… because these frequencies are pure, like the emanations of our hearts. Also, the more you use this tuneup, the more it begins to affect you in tangible ways. Using it daily for a week, one is likely to really feel something shifting in their lives… For some reason.. I am compelled to also mention that if you focus on hexagons … and just breathe through your heart … magick happens 😉

Please let us know how you feel… <3

PS: Don’t be surprised if you start hearing the frequencies in your head… or in the store… or from a tree…. 😉