woman in black tank dress standing on rock near body of water

Within our realm of awareness and our utmost trust in the transparency and integrity provided to us by our suppliers; all of our products are sourced from companies who pay a “living wage” to their employees; we do not support sweat shop environments. Wherever possible we use natural or organic fabrics, silks, eco-poly (reduced water process), bamboo, hemp and cotton blends. The inks used are non-toxic and water-based.

All products on this website are manufactured and printed in Montreal, Canada.  All graphics and prints are designs created by Shylo Love of either her original artwork or digitally produced graphics made for Maverick CreatriX exclusively. They are well made products!  If you are unsatisfied, please contact us. We work with you on a piece by piece basis. Please ensure your size is appropriate, we include all measurements.  Returns will not be provided for incorrect sizes or changed minds!  However, we will still work with you if the worst case scenario manifests.. because sh*t happens, we care about you, we care about the quality of our products (and the energy behind them); therefor, we want our customers to be happy rebels!