Cymatic Chakra Silk Scarf 3b

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Custom Design Details:

Cymatic images arranged in chakra colours with hexagonal lattice. The cymatic symmetrical geometric multidimensional shapes were created in a small 2.5” wide by 1” deep puddle of water in a plastic bowl vibrated from beneath with pure tone sine wave frequencies ranging in hz facilitating the creation of structure and shape in the water|each different based on the hertz|amplitude and volume. Cymatics: Shapes and structure created when sound waves vibrate matter molecules.  Designs made for rebel love alchemists!  These designs are limited|meaning they will only be printed/sold on a select group of products in limited numbers for a limited time.

Long Scarf (16″ x 72″)
Fabric and Finishing

Our custom exclusive designed silk scarves are made from 100% silk habotai fabric. Light Weight Silk Habotai

8mm (also known as China Silk) 

  • 100% plain weave silk
  • Prints shows beautifully right thru both sides of the fabric. You will see the print at about 70% from the back of the fabric.
  • Due to the plain weave|dark colours may run slightly into nearby colours.
  • Light weight and semi-sheer with a lovely moderate sheen.
  • 8mm weight
  • Care: machine wash cold water gentle cycle|or hand wash using detergent for delicate fabrics. You may also dry clean your silk chiffon.
  • Fabric hand (feel) will soften dramatically after washing.
  • Iron on Silk setting.
  • May shrink after the first wash
  • They are light and airy

    We finish our scarves with a machine rolled baby hem.  The finishing is durable and smooth.  

    Silk Scarves Sizes Available:

    Long Scarf (16″ x 72″)
    Square Scarf (26″ x 26″)
    Big Square Scarf (36″ x 36″)