Rainbow Sri Yantra 26×20 Pillowcase

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Exclusive Design/Artwork Info:

The Sri Yantra is one of the most important and powerful Yantras. It’s power lies in the sound of OM and the attainment of security in both wealth of spirit and financial wealth. Pronounced “Shree Yantra” – Shree means wealth and Yantra – means “Instrument” – which makes it an “Instrument for Wealth”.

The Sri Yantra has a certain unexplained power to fulfill our deepest wishes and help us to change our life for the better. By focusing on the shape and structure of the Sri Yantra, one is filled with peace and clarity. Mental and emotional obstacles that are negative or holding one back are easily removed in this state.

It is thought that a tonoscope properly toned with OM will produce a cymatic shape exactly as the Sri Yantra of the ancients.

Product details

  • Printed with vibrant fade resistant solvent-free inks.
  • Choose a back colour (see options below) or choose to print on both sides for $5.00.
  • Choose a fabric type, either Canvas or Velveteen (see more info below)
  • YKK zipper closure|manufactured in Montreal
  • Purchase a pillow insert locally to save on shipping costs. We suggest a recycled polyester insert


Product description

Custom designed throw pillow cases in various sizes and shapes! We use the best quality fabric that not only gives a gorgeous print|but also withstands lots and lots of cuddles, meditating, squishing, smushing and even pillow fights! We decided on a super soft velveteen upholstery fabric. Like all professional upholstery fabrics, our velveteen has been tested for durability and proudly boasts a 80000 double rub count. Not only can we claim that your custom printed artwork pillow will last a really long time, we have the tests to back it up! All our throw pillow cases are easy to love and easy to care for as well.



Care instructions

Machine wash cold water and dry flat. Avoid drycleaner incase of shrinkage. Can be dry cleaned as well. Do not bleach!

Pillows sizes

18×18 pillow| 22×22 pillow| 24×12 pillow| 20×14 pillow| 26×20 pillow|

Fabric Choices:  Velveteen or Canvas

Choose the fabric that best suits your artwork and your home



Velveteen fabric

Cuddly and soft to the touch

  • 100% polyester upholstery velveteen
  • 80 000 double rub count for fabric durability
  • Printed with vibrant fade-resistant solvent-free inks
  • YKK zipper closure, manufactured in Montreal, Canada
Custom printed velveteen throw pillow
White pillow velveteen fabric Black pillow velveteen fabric Red pillow velveteen fabric Navy blue pillow velveteen fabric Dark brown pillow velveteen fabric


Canvas fabric

Sturdy fabric gives a modern look to your decor

  • 100% polyester upholstery canvas
  • 50 000 double rub count for fabric durability
  • Printed with fade resistant solvent-free inks
  • YKK zipper closure, manufactured in Montreal, Canada




Custom printed canvas throw pillow
Black pillow canvas fabric Bronze pillow canvas fabric Dark heather grey pillow canvas fabric Deep purple pillow canvas fabric Fuschia pink pillow canvas fabric